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ELearning modules complemented by training events and workshops to help you lead your team

We know how important it is for clinicians and leaders at all levels to keep their skills updated to inspire and lead their teams.

Equally, we understand how crucial it is for you to personally improve your skills and effectiveness.

Truly authentic leadership is a journey and these online modules that we have created will enable you to support that journey to truly realise your potential.

Available modules

Leadership modules

23 modules

The Leadership Learning Zone is a flexible e-learning resource that takes a learner on an interactive exploration of key areas of leadership development. This suite of introductory modules developed by the Midlands Leadership Academy is equally relevant to learners who are just starting in their careers as well as experienced managers who want to consolidate their leadership capabilities.

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The modules:

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Coaching skills
  • Influencing stakeholders
  • Talent management
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Understanding yourself
  • Managing people
  • Managing through change
  • Generations
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Interview Skills
  • Resilience
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Patient Experience
  • Effective Communication
  • Kindness in Leadership
  • How to give Effective Feedback
  • System Leadership
  • Succession Planning
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • How to run Action Learning Sets

Systems and Relational Leadership

10 modules

These Systems and Relational Leadership video modules, designed by the South West Leadership Academy in partnership with Tricordant, are for leaders in health and care looking to learn more about leading and working collaboratively across boundaries. The modules include links to practical tools and approaches, as well as opportunities for more in depth study and learning.

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The modules:

  • Introduction to systems
  • Collaboration – keys to success
  • Agile project working
  • Leading in complexity
  • Stuckness – tools for shifting patterns
  • Collaborations – what makes them tick
  • Complicated or complex?
  • Working with complexity
  • Working with tensions
  • System leadership: in their own words

Leading Transformation for Integrated Care

6 modules

This development series is based on insights and experience drawn from work with a number of Integrated Care Systems across England. It will explore what partnership working looks like across teams and organisations. What does this mean for leaders? It is co-designed with input from with the NHSLA and local representatives to understand their current challenges and opportunities.

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The modules:

  • Who leads in a system?
  • Improving the health of our local communities
  • Leading alongside your local communities
  • Rethinking recovery – a systems perspective
  • Collaborating within your neighbourhood
  • System Workforce Innovation

Leading Transition in Primary Care

2 modules

These two modules, designed by the South East Leadership Academy in partnership with Tricordant, are for primary care leaders who find themselves leading in the context of transition and change. One focuses on balancing strategic with operational leadership needs and one on the challenge of finding a collective voice for primary care in the new system. They include links to practical tools and take aways. For primary care leaders managing through change and transition we also recommend looking at the modules within the ‘Systems and Relational Leadership’ category above.

The modules:

  • Coping with today and planning for tomorrow
  • Articulating the voice of primary care

System OD and Transformation

5 modules

System leaders are increasingly required to facilitate transformational change in and across their system and organisations, often without formal power or authority.

Through these short learning videos and activities, you will enhance and develop your skills to lead, influence, and enable organisational and system transformation.

Covering five key themes of system OD and transformational change, each module contains a series of short learning videos, along with a self-directed activity. Each theme will develop your perspective, mindset and approach to create effective and successful transformation across your system.

The modules:

  • Influencing without Formal Authority
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Releasing the Potential of Human Systems
  • Consulting Mindset and Skillset
  • Self as a Courageous Role Model

Modules in development

GPN Leadership Programme

The role of the general practice nurse (GPN) is extensive and requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise. In the rapidly changing environment of general practice and primary care service organisation GPNs are proving vital contributors to healthcare planning and delivery. It is through growing as leaders that GPNs can effectively improve patient outcomes and the wellbeing of staff and colleagues. A GPN doesn’t need the term ‘leader’ in their job title; there will be multiple situations threaded throughout a GPN career where leadership skills can be applied. This 3-module leadership development series from the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy focuses on some practical leadership tools and techniques and has been designed for GPN leaders at all levels.

Professional Identity

These 2 modules from the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy examine professional identity, interaction between professions and team dynamics. It will help individuals understand their own professional identity and explore how this might be impacted by multi-professional teams. It uses identity theory, the latest research and real-life examples to support individuals to feel a sense of belonging and help leaders inspire a unified team. This will ultimately promote the delivery of true integrated care.

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